Hi, I’m Nicolle van den Munckhof.

As your integrative coach (and cheerleader), I’ll give you the knowledge and tools to transform your health from the inside out.>
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My mission

As your integrative coach (and cheerleader), I’ll give you the knowledge and tools to transform your health from the inside out.

By removing your toxicities and rebalancing deficiencies, I’ll support you in bringing your body back into a state of true balance, so you can look and feel better than you could have ever dreamed of. It”s only from this place that you can truly begin to thrive in all areas of your life.


About Me / How did I get here

Just like you, I spent years wasting my energy battling those self conscious, body obsessed demons- and aren’t they relentless.

For me, things began looking up once I shifted my focus from the superficial exterior to the big wide world of my insides (stick with me).

I became fascinated (or obsessed) with the inner workings of the complex ecosystem that is the human body. I studied, found mentors, read books and listened to an offensive amount of podcasts, discovering some seriously profound insights, one of which being,

"Your body is always working for you not against you"

Now this one really had me stumped at first.

As a long time acne sufferer throughout my teens and early twenties plus having an over all sluggish immune system, I found it hard to believe that my spotty face, body aches, constant colds flus and allergies were ‘on purpose’.

I soon learned my symptoms were not a **** up, but my body’s way of communicating to me that I was doing it all wrong. I may have been doing my HIIT training and eating a healthyish diet (or so I thought), but please know, there is so much more to your wellness, as I discovered.

Once I made the decision to put my health first everything shifted. I worked my signature DESTRESS process overhauling my diet, re evaluating my exercise program, cracking down on stress, removing toxins, taking a rest, seriously, focusing on my emotional balance, supplementing where necessary and reprogramming my subconscious with a sturdy success mindset!

Using an integrative approach that encompasses a range of natural healing modalities I overhauled my health rebalancing my body so it was geared to thrive. Now, I want to help you to do the same.

Because without your health, what else really is there?

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